Founded in 1946, Aetrex is the global leader in foot scanning technology and aftermarket orthotics. For more than 74 years Aetrex has designed innovative products that provide unmatched support, offset pressure, and better align the body. The goal: not only to deliver incredible comfort, but to help consumers avoid setbacks, keeping them active and healthy doing the things they love.


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Lynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Supported - MenLynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Supported - Men
Lynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Supported - WomenLynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Supported - Women
Lynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Neutral - MenLynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Neutral - Men
Lynco Casual Ortho Cupped/Supported - WomenLynco Casual Ortho Cupped/Supported - Women
Lynco Compete Ortho - Mens Cupped/SupportedLynco Compete Ortho - Mens Cupped/Supported
Lynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Neutral - WomenLynco Compete Ortho Cupped/Neutral - Women
Lynco Compete Ortho - Mens Posted/SupportedLynco Compete Ortho - Mens Posted/Supported
Lynco Compete Ortho Posted/Supported - WomenLynco Compete Ortho Posted/Supported - Women
Aetrex Speed Ortho Cupped/SupportedAetrex Speed Ortho Cupped/Supported
Aetrex Speed Ortho Cupped/NeutralAetrex Speed Ortho Cupped/Neutral
Train Ortho Posted/NeutralTrain Ortho Posted/Neutral
Train Ortho Cupped/SupportedTrain Ortho Cupped/Supported
Train Ortho Cupped/NeutralTrain Ortho Cupped/Neutral
Aetrex Speed Ortho Posted/NeutralAetrex Speed Ortho Posted/Neutral
Lynco Compete Ortho - Mens Posted/NeutralLynco Compete Ortho - Mens Posted/Neutral

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Aetrex 2320 WomenAetrex 2320 Women
Aetrex 2320 Women Wolesale WSP:From 649 SEK
Aetrex 2305 WomenAetrex 2305 Women
Aetrex 2305 Women Wolesale WSP:899 SEK
Aetrex 2300 WomenAetrex 2300 Women
Aetrex 2300 Women Wolesale WSP:899 SEK
Aetrex 2320 - MenAetrex 2320 - Men
Aetrex 2320 - Men Wolesale WSP:899 SEK
Aetrex 2305 - MenAetrex 2305 - Men
Aetrex 2305 - Men Wolesale WSP:899 SEK
Aetrex 2300 - MenAetrex 2300 - Men
Aetrex 2300 - Men Wolesale WSP:899 SEK
Lynco Compete Ortho Posted/Neutral - WomenLynco Compete Ortho Posted/Neutral - Women
Lynco Compete Ortho Posted/Neutral - MenLynco Compete Ortho Posted/Neutral - Men
Lynco Casual Ortho Posted/Neutral - WomenLynco Casual Ortho Posted/Neutral - Women
Lynco Casual Ortho Cupped/Neutral - WomenLynco Casual Ortho Cupped/Neutral - Women
Lynco Casual Ortho Cupped/Neutral - MenLynco Casual Ortho Cupped/Neutral - Men