Varlion was founded back in 1993 and has its roots in Argentina and Spain. Right from the start, Varlion has produced first-class rackets that have developed the very manufacture of padel rackets, which is the basis for Varlion being able to maintain its world-leading position in the sport.


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Padel Ball Summum Pro WPadel Ball Summum Pro W
Padel Ball Summum Pro W Wolesale WSP:99 SEK
Ambassador Bag - BrownAmbassador Bag - Brown
Ambassador Bag - Brown Wolesale WSP:1 099 SEK
Ambassador Backpack - BlackAmbassador Backpack - Black
LW Summum Carbon Black 22LW Summum Carbon Black 22
LW Summum Carbon Black 22 Wolesale WSP:3 199 SEK
LW C Ti Difusor BlackLW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black Wolesale WSP:2 299 SEK
LW Summum Prisma Airflow WLW Summum Prisma Airflow W
LW Summum Prisma Airflow W Wolesale WSP:4 499 SEK
Bumper Prisma - Black
Bumper Prisma - Black Wolesale WSP:119 SEK
Ambassador Bag - WhiteAmbassador Bag - White
Ambassador Bag - White Wolesale WSP:1 099 SEK
Bourne Prisma Radio
Bourne Prisma Radio Wolesale WSP:4 699 SEK

Reseller margin: 58.3%

Pro WristbandsPro Wristbands
Pro Wristbands Wolesale WSP:From 119 SEK
Maxima Summum SoftMaxima Summum Soft
Maxima Summum Soft Wolesale WSP:3 499 SEK
Cover Basic blackCover Basic black
Cover Basic black Wolesale WSP:149 SEK
Re-stocking soon
Ca√Īon Difusor Carbon Black 22Ca√Īon Difusor Carbon Black 22
Ambassador Bag Retro - BlackAmbassador Bag Retro - Black
LW One WLW One W
LW One W Wolesale WSP:1 099 SEK
Re-stocking soon
LW Summum Carbon BlackLW Summum Carbon Black
LW Summum Carbon Black Wolesale WSP:2 799 SEK
Ergonomic Begins Bag - PinkErgonomic Begins Bag - Pink
Ambassador Bag Retro - WhiteAmbassador Bag Retro - White
Re-stocking soon
Overgrip Summum Air x 3 - Green
LW Carbon 8 Prisma PansyLW Carbon 8 Prisma Pansy
LW Carbon 8 Prisma Pansy Wolesale WSP:3 499 SEK
LW Carbon 9 PrismaLW Carbon 9 Prisma
LW Carbon 9 Prisma Wolesale WSP:2 999 SEK

Reseller margin: 37.5%

Re-stocking soon
Classic Women's WristbandsClassic Women's Wristbands
Classic Women's Wristbands Wolesale WSP:From 99 SEK
Ambassador Backpack - Dark BlueAmbassador Backpack - Dark Blue
Re-stocking soon
Wristbands Classic x2 - Grey
LW Carbon 9 Pansy PrismaLW Carbon 9 Pansy Prisma
LW Carbon 9 Pansy Prisma Wolesale WSP:2 999 SEK
LW Hexagon 8.8 22LW Hexagon 8.8 22
LW Hexagon 8.8 22 Wolesale WSP:1 399 SEK
Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma 22Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma 22
Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma 22 Wolesale WSP:3 499 SEK